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TKL Design Inc. Cohesive, Integrated and Beautiful living spaces ____________________________________ THOMAS KYLE has been practicing landscape design, site planning and project management across North America for over 25 years. He received his Bachelor Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of British Columbia and his Diploma in Fine Arts from the Victoria College of Art. (summa cumme laude) HE BELIEVES that the process of design requires step-by-step consultation, to clearly identify the client’s objectives and goals. He believes that these will be site, client, theme and architecturally specific. The coming together of all of these elements results in a project that truthfully reflects – and respects – both the client and their budget. To his core Thomas seeks the beautiful, the inspired and the alive design solution for every project. And he partners closely with his clients to make the journey as joyful and inclusive as possible. HE BRINGS his extensive, hands on experience to every project. He guides the process forward, and always remains focused on designing cohesive, integrated and beautiful living spaces, from multi acre estates and waterfront properties to intimate backyards and green roofs. THOMAS UNDERSTANDS how to collaborate with a team of professionals and is committed to both environmental stewardship and design elegance. He has worked with clients and architects from New York to Seattle and from Vancouver to Los Angeles. HIS GREATEST STRENGTH is perhaps his capacity to listen to and reflect on the client’s deepest aspirations. He feels that a core, elegant design solution is latent in every project, one that respects the site, those aspirations and the budget. He works with the client to uncover that elegant, perfect solution. HIS CLIENTS SPEAK highly of his work. In the 2010 edition of Luxe Magazine, one of them is quoted as saying, “So special is the one and a half acre site that the design team spearheaded by Landscape Designer THOMAS KYLE has created a house with a strong sense of being perfect.” THOMAS KYLE has been awarded “Best Of Remodeling and Best in Design with HOUZZ for the years : 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2020 & 2022
Thomas Kyle